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Organically grown in the U.S.A, OmegaBrite Full Spectrum CBD is extracted in c-GMP facilities, with every batch rigorously third-party tested for safety, consistency, and quality.

• Doctor Formulated
• Non-psychoactive
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"Saw a difference in my 7 year old son right away.  He's calmer, more focused and happier.  

The best is there are no complaints this year from his 2nd grade teacher. 

 We're off to a wonderful start!"


Clinically demonstrated to reduce anxiety and improve executive function.*†

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For 20 years, OmegaBrite has delivered premium pharmaceutical-quality products backed by published, transparent third-party test results. OmegaBrite received the Nutrition Business Journal’s Product Merit Award for creating the category of high concentrate Omega-3 supplements.

“Occasionally I run out of the product and immediately can tell my joint pain returns, and I do not have that overall sense of well being. 

It definitely elevates my mood and keeps me focused. I hope to always have Omegabrite in my life!"


“I order it for my Dad because the head of Cardiology at U.VA. told him to take three gel tabs of OmegaBrite a day. 

I have noticed my Dad is much more mentally healthy in that he is much less irritable, angry and also has more motivation at age 77.” 



Formulated by Carol Locke, M.D.

Testimonials for OmegaBrite 70/10 MD

*As seen in children aged 7-14 with mood disorders

Harvard Medical School trained and previously on Harvard Medical School faculty for 14 years.

Board-Certified Psychiatrist and internationally recognized expert on Omega-3’s, natural products, and integrative wellness.

Decrease stress, increase your effectiveness

What are doctors saying about OmegaBrite 70/10 MD?


- Ned Hallowell, M.D., ADHD Expert and  NYT Best-Selling Author 

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†As seen in healthy medical students

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J Child Psychol Psychiatry. 2018 June ; 59(6): 628–636. doi:10.1111/jcpp.12830.

Clinical Studies






3rd Party

Lab Tested


Safe and

Put clinically-proven benefits in your toolbox

This fall, we all need help with stress. That's why doctors are recommending OmegaBrite 70/10 MD for both children and adults.

4.5                               Thousands of reviews

As seen in

Reduce anxiety by 20%

Improve executive function

Improve mood




Clinically demonstrated to:

I take OmegaBrite Omega-3 supplements, my whole family is on OmegaBrite, and I recommend OmegaBrite to all my patients.



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OmegaBrite 70/10 MD

View the clinical study on reducing anxietyView the clinical study on improving mood

Brain Behav Immun. 2011 November ; 25(8): 1725–1734. doi:10.1016/j.bbi.2011.07.229.

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OmegaBrite 70/10 MD

4.5                                 Thousands of reviews

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7 ways you can reduce stress right now

With the increase in COVID and the upcoming elections, we are all wrestling with an increased level of stress. Here are 10 ways that you can decrease stress in your life right now (or at any time).  You can do many of these with your family, kids, and friends increasing your connection as you increase well-being. Add these to your personal stress busting tool box to reach for in the moment or schedule them each day. The more often you do these, the more powerful the effect.

1. Get moving

Moving is your personal superpower for decreasing feelings of stress, depression and anxiety and increasing well-being any time any place there is a way to move.  The neuroprotective effects of exercise improve cognition, memory, and neuroplasticity.

Movement releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF, which increases your neuroplasticity, helps with learning and coping, builds resilience to ongoing events, and decreases depression and anxiety. It’s one of the biggest things you can do for stress management. You can move anywhere, anytime and feel good.

So how to do it? Just take a brisk walk for ten minutes—get up, tie your shoes and go outside and walk. If you can't get out to walk, then either turn up the music or put on your headphones and dance, move your body, shift your feet around, shift your weight. If you are in a chair move your body in any way you can, tapping feet, arms to the music.  That activates your cerebellum, the key to getting positive benefits in the brain from exercise. Dancing has the added effect of combining cognition with exercise (when you dance you are thinking about where your body is in space and what your next moves will be) which is thought to be even more beneficial to the brain. 

The result is decreased stress, decreased anxiety, and decreased depression.  No need for dancing shoes, just dance to the music to feel stronger, smarter and better in all ways.

2. Compassionate mindfulness

Research out of the University of Wisconsin demonstrates that increasing our compassion and caring for others makes us stronger, more caring, and more positive. This increases our resilience that we use facing challenges in our lives.

So how do you do this?

You can practice compassionate mindfulness by doing the following mindfulness exercise to increase your ability to feel compassion and caring, and reduce stress and anxiety in your own life.

Start by finding a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine someone that you feel very positive about. Imagine their eyes, the color of their hair, their smile. Feel the warmth between you as you look into their eyes. See them before you, hear their voice in your mind. As you feel the warmth you have towards them, feel the goodwill that you have towards them. Stay in that moment and imagine something that you might want to say to them, some positive statement or how you wish them well with some difficult obstacle that they have had in their life. Feel yourself wishing that they overcome that challenge and succeed completely in their life. 

If your mind floats to other things and other thoughts pop in, that’s ok. Simply bring yourself back to the image of the person before you, and feel the caring connection with them and positive wishes you have for them.

Stay in that moment of warmth and experience the connection you feel towards this person. You can stay here for one minute, five minutes or even longer. When you're ready to come back, take another deep breath, open your eyes and reorient to wherever you are, indoor or outdoor, and then carry on with your life.

You will have a greater sense of relaxation, less anxiety and stress, and a deeper sense of well-being. This is an easy tool to use in managing stress, and one you can do every day, and as you practice, you will get better and better at it.

3. Social Media Break

Taking a social media break is another huge step you can take to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and feel more positive, particularly right now. It may feel right now like you have to check in every minute, but you don't. And in truth, the news can wait in order for you to improve your well-being and feel stronger and calmer. 

How do you go about limiting social media?

First, take Twitter off your phone. This may feel hard, but you can do it. Start by removing the twitter app from your phone. This will force you to go to your computer to check into Twitter.

Second, schedule a specific time to check social media for ten minutes only.  This is a really positive way to limit your social media use.  Make an appointment with yourself by setting an alarm to check in each day at three o'clock for instance. At that time, check Twitter, check the news, check other social media, facebook or instagram, and then check out again. You can use this technique for email as well, scheduling times to check then close the app.

This will be huge in reducing stress and anxiety and allowing you to feel more positive, especially important during this stressful time.

4. Laugh

Laughter is a superstar when it comes to stress relief. Why is laughter so important?

Laughter has a powerful physiological effect. Laughing increases the oxygen in your brain and causes the release of oxytocin, the feel good hormone. Oxytocin helps you bond with another person and gives you a tremendous sense of well-being. So laughter connects you with other people. It connects you to the world in a positive way.

Start by collecting funny memes, funny images, videos, or cartoons that you can keep in a folder for yourself and to share with your family and friends.

Then schedule 10 minutes a day (or more frequently) to break up the moment with something funny that will decrease your stress, decrease any anxiety, and will simply increase your well-being.

Even better use that ten minutes to share that funny image, cartoon or video with someone else. This can be your children, family or friends. By sharing you increase your connection which also increases your positive feelings and breaks stress. 

Next, think of someone who might be alone, or having a tough time, and call and share something funny with them or send an email or text to give them a break too. Helping someone else laugh is the best but you can always do this on your own too. 

Not only does laughter connect you with other people and break up the moment, it’s something you can actually learn to do everyday and build into your stress-busting toolbox.

Laughing can help you recover from illnesses, and just live a better life. And it's something that you can always share and connect in with family and friends. It's also a very positive thing for your kids to learn, developing and sharing funny things that family and friends can laugh about together.

Laughter is one of your superpowers for feeling good, decreasing stress, and increasing well-being.

By Carol Locke, M.D.

6. OmegaBrite 7010 MD Omega-3

Adding OmegaBrite to your daily routine gives you a safe, natural way to add health, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety without drug-like side effects.

OmegaBrite is a special formula high EPA Omega-3 supplement I developed while on faculty at Harvard Medical School.  It’s been clinically shown to decrease anxiety by 20% in a double blind placebo-controlled study done by Ohio State University. †

In the same study, OmegaBrite was shown to support a healthy inflammatory balance by decreasing inflammatory cytokines by 17%. †

This study was done specifically using the OmegaBrite 7010MD formulation.  While all omega-3’s are very good for your health, different omega-3 ratios and formulas have different health benefits. The benefits from this study were based on the study’s use specifically of OmegaBrite’s advanced 7010MD formula.

How do you add OmegaBrite 7010MD Advanced Omega-3 for stress management?

Start by taking 3 softgels a day. Allow your body time to see how you feel on this dose over a week or two, then you can increase to 4 capsules a day and eventually if needed go to six small gelcaps a day.

4-6 softgels a day seems to be the “sweet spot” for most people, a finding backed up by the clinical research. Allow yourself several weeks for your body to experience the benefit.

It’s best to take OmegaBrite with your highest fat meal of the day. This helps achieve optimal absorption.  It can be morning or night. Some people take their OmegaBrite once a day, others prefer splitting it with meals.

Adding OmegaBrite gives you a safe, natural, drug-free way that you can add health, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety.

Pets provide us with instant stress reduction and connection. It’s no coincidence that during COVID, the shelters emptied out as people in social distancing gained a sense of connection and companionship with their new pets.

Dogs, cats, birds—all kinds of pets give us a positive sense of connection and have been well documented to decrease stress and increase a positive sense of well being. Pets can decrease our blood pressure and cause release of oxytocin. In fact, dogs are even able to cause the release of oxytocin in humans by their devoted staring into our eyes. It's well known that service dogs or therapy dogs are important as support animals in hospitals for children and adults alike.

But it gets even better. A recent study by Kramer et al in 2019 showed that dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of death over the long term by as high as 24%, possibly by a lower cardiovascular mortality.   If you don’t have a pet, see if you can visit a friend or a farm with pets to get your oxytocin fix.

If you or your kids cannot have a pet you can still get the benefits from a robotic pet dog or cat.  They sell in robotic pet dogs and cats online and in toy stores. You can lower your blood pressure and stress by having the robotic pet in your arms or by your side.

So hug your pet real or robot to reduce your stress.

5. Love your pet

7. OmegaBrite CBD

Many people find CBD to be an important way to manage stress, aches and pains, and to sleep better. OmegaBrite offers a full line of CBD products to help you manage stress, aches, and better sleep.

Research shows that the body’s endocannabinoid system helps regulate stress. Supplementing with CBD has been shown to be helpful in reducing anxiety and helping with sleep.

How to Add CBD to Your Daily Life
To start you might choose the OmegaBrite Full Spectrum CBD 25 mg capsules. These offer a formula of organically grown CBD that is rich in phytocannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBN and in terpenes in a third party tested formula.

If you prefer a tincture you might try our line of tinctures in two different strengths, A third option is to use the beautiful lavender scented organically grown CBD balm.

In starting a CBD product, it’s best to start in the evening so that you can determine how you feel in a comfortable setting. If you are taking before bedtime take 30 min to an hour before bedtime. Tinctures will be faster acting than capsules.

All OmegaBrite CBD products are extracted from organically grown hemp that is third party tested for purity, potency and label claim. We bring you excellent reliable CBD products of the highest quality so that you can try them with confidence and build them into your life for optimal health.

OmegaBrite organically grown CBD from hemp can offer you a safe, drug free way to enhance your endocannabinoid balance, decrease stress, and increase restful sleep.

Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes.
2019 Oct;12(10):e005554. doi: 10.1161/CIRCOUTCOMES.119.005554. Epub 2019 Oct 8.

Brain Behav Immun. 2011 November ; 25(8): 1725–1734. doi:10.1016/j.bbi.2011.07.229.

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